Breaking The Code of YOU: Access your Personality Type to connect with your prospects & clinch your sales!

Hosted By Dazzling Chong


Join us on the 15th September 2016 , 7pm GMT

Knowing how to sell begins with understanding your key values, strengths and most importantly, Purpose. Identify your MBTI Personality Type and we'll teach you the rest! Join our free workshop today, and learn how you can master inspiring your sales in just minutes!

Join Dazzling Chong and learn how easy it is to understand your Purpose & Personality type to inspire your leads!

Unlock the secrets of your MBTI personality type and how it can help you to better connect with your clients.


Coach your client to see the value of YOU and your USP. They buy from you, not ABC 'cos of the experience.


Join us on 15th September 2016 - 7 PM GMT and you'll get to:

Identify Your Personality Type 

Understand the WHY of your business and it will lead to your HOW.


Brand the Purpose of YOU

Discover Your Purpose

Host: Dazzling

Join me on 15 September. Stop  hard selling and start  getting ready to connect with your clients through the Purpose of YOU!


Break The Code of You 

in 120 Minutes

15th Sept 2016 - 7 PM GMT

Join us and start learning how to get the most out of your career today, with our personality profiling offering.

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