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Modern women can climb the corporate ladder, heels and all but what can they expect in the concrete pre-conjugal jungle? Allow this author to walk you through the various stages of Waiting, Profiling, Dating, Healing and Progressing.

SNIP-In-Waiting (Chapter 1)

That pertinent question “Where is Mr Right?” leads us to work backwards –

    • Who is Mr Right?
    • What do I want?
    • Why am I here?
    • Who AM I?

Meet the Sg New Independent Princess who wants to be treated with TLC (Tender Loving Care) in her love life. Mr Right lets her be independent at work but is quite happy to pamper her. There are three broad categories of men here in Sg for the pickin': The Sg Knight In Dilemma (SKID), the Sg Ang Moh Man (SAMM) and the Sg Indian Male Expat (SIME). May the best man win!

SNIP-In-Profiling (Chapter 2)

This chapter explores the gender-racial stereotypes that shrouds the truth of being a Sg woman, local man or foreign talent. Is the Sg New Independent Princess or SNIP a revolution or regression? ut to the core, SNIPs need to be loved. We ain’t talking about carrying a non-living thing, especially when it’s got pink tassels. The SNIP wants a man who knows a woman’s worth. A Very Real Man or VR Man.

SNIP-In-Dating (Chapter 3)

Dating is a science as much as it is an art, a social science to be exact. In the market place of love and relationships, social factors influence who we fall in love with. 5Cs aside, what’s more important is whether your date possesses honorable Characteristics. Check out the pre-date agreement to assess him. If he lets you pick up the tab or worse, expects payment-in-kind, RUN!

While some losses are quantifiable, what does a gal do when more than dating rules are broken? The path to true love is often strewn with the shrapnel of destruction and pieces of a broken heart. Healing takes time and there may be underlying-issues of hurt and rejection that need to be addressed before a SNIP finds the courage to be loved and love again. 

SNIP-In-Healing (Chapter 4)

Letting go is hard to do but the truth that we know sets us free. There are lies that can cause women to stay in wrong or abusive relationships. The good news is when a SNIP  understand her Purpose in life and that she was created by a heavenly Father who loves her, she does not need base her intrinsic worth on man’s valuation. 

The heart is the wellspring where the issues of life spring forth. The healing process is a good opportunity to discover your authentic self so that a SNIP can attract the right person who can share her dreams and journey in life. Time to move on to better things.

SNIP-In-Progressing (Chapter 5)

Heart break does not need to be final. And it sure doesn’t have the last say on your LOVE LIFE. Single or attached, a SNIP can find her groove again by first embracing her unique purpose to keep her date with destiny. Live life to the fullest with a training model shared in this chapter: Discover your Purpose & Personality, Fulfil your Dream & Destiny.

The path to true love never did run smooth so let’s journey together. And Dazzling will do just that with the Sg New Independent Princess who is successful in her career but wants to be loved as well and has so much love to give.

This guidebook is for those who enjoy a light-hearted approach and are tired of rehashed, generic dating tips. Written by a modern woman for modern women, it’s not matchmaking mantra. Like you, Dazzling knows what it’s like to have standards and be told she is too fussy. Is that really the case or do we need to better understand who the Sg New Independent Princess is and what she really wants? How can we attract true love unless we stay true to ourselves? By staying true to your 4Ds:

1) Design

2) Desires

3) what she Deserves

4) Destiny


How Does It Touch Your Heart?

“Hi Princess Dazzling,

Thank you for writing  “The Singapore Dating Guide Book.” :)

I got your book from my brother. It is an interesting read and came at a time when so many of my friends keep asking if I am attached. Why no boyfriend? Expectations too high?

I believe that my VR (Very Real) man will come. One who loves me for who I am, shares the same world views and walk a journey towards our aligned dreams (as said in the book). :)

Cheers and have a great week ahead! =)”

~ Belinda Lim (not her real name)

So get your own Sg Dating Guide Book today and keep the faith!

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