Career & Entrepreneurship Discovery

Discover Your Dream Career Based On Your Unique Purpose & Personality Type

In Dazzling Chong’s “Power Coach Yourself!” career and entrepreneurship discovery workshop, participants embark on an eye-opening journey of surfacing their authentic Purpose and Personality, revealing the blueprint to fulfil their Dream and Destiny.

The one day inspirational experience includes humour, inspiring stories, provocative questions, impactful insights, fun activities and practical tips.  Participants will learn to connect with their core purpose and jumpstart their career discovery whether they are undergraduates or job seekers. Catered to Gen Y’s thirst for meaning and need for autonomy, this Coaching Compass will show them how to take control of their career from the outstart, beginning with job selection or career creation through entrepreneurship.

As participants gain clarity on their personal blueprint via the comprehensive 4 steps, they will be able to market their brand that represents their values and identity. This  attracts the right employer which resonates with their brand identity where they can do meaningful work instead of merely getting a pay cheque. By developing a laser focus, your participants may even take calculated risk and explore entrepreneurship.

Understanding their personality type will also allow them to identify their strengths for work best suited to strengths and and temperaments. This in turn paves the way for them to pursue their dream or dream career so they can present their best work to the marketplace and world, making a difference and creating an impact!

Course Modules

  • The Power Triplets: Purpose, Focus & Courage

  • Finding Meaning in Today’s Economy & the Importance of Self-Coaching

  • Turning your “WHY” into your “How”: The Career Coaching Compass

  • Identifying your Personality Strengths & Weaknesses for Best Job Fit

  • Creating Brand Identity with your Background, Personality & Experiences

  • Attracting the Right Employer to achieve Autonomy

  • Discovering your Dream & Setting Purpose-Driven Goals

  • Becoming the Best Version of YOU to get your Best Work out there

The Need For Purpose & Coaching Yourself In Today's Economy

 Discovering Your Purpose (Why am I?)

  • The rationale for Purpose and how the “WHY” leads to “HOW”
  • Introduction to your unique blueprint and Coaching Compass
  • Discover your unique Purpose through your Personality

Learning To Harness Your Personal Strengths For Personal Mastery

Discovering Your Personality (Who am I?)

  • Introduction to MBTI as a Personality Profiling Tool
  • Understand your Personality Type and the 16 types
  • Identify your Passion and Best Job Fit based on your Personality
  • Dream-Discovery: The sweet spot of your Personality, Giftings and Passion

Ignite The Fuel Of Passion For Your Dream


Fulfilling Your Dream (Where am I going?)

  • Decide between a Job or a Dream
  • Create your own Dream Job: convert Passion to Business
  • Forge your unique Brand Identity for Branding & Marketing
  • Obliterate Obstacles, Objections & Self-Doubt
  • Set Purpose-Driven Goals that will inspire you daily
  • Translate your Vision into Reality step-by-step

Overcoming Obstacles For The Best Version Of You

Fulfilling Your Destiny (How do I get there?)

  • Make Optimal Decisions to maximise Personal Growth
  • Learn to affirm and encourage yourself
  • See the possibilities and embrace your Inner Greatness
  • Overcome your personality weaknesses & manage stress
  • Preparation meets Opportunity: Get ready
  • Keep the big picture of Destiny, not destination in mind

Key Takeaways

By the end of the 4 modules, participants will be able to:

  • Discover their Purpose & What They Want From a Career

  • Understand their Personality Type & Best Job Fit

  • Create their Brand Identity based on their Why, Who & What

  • Choose between a Job or creating their Dream Job

  • Convert their Passion to a Business

  • Fulfil their Calling based on their PPDD (Purpose, Personality, Dream & Destiny)