Career & Self Discovery Coaching

Dazzling Chong is a speaker-trainer and beyond that, Purpose coach. Trained in English Language and Sociology, she has a keen understanding of societal trends and how these dynamics play out in interactions at work or relationships. A purpose driven speaker and trainer, she creates her own specialised content and is what one would consider as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in finding your niche.

Also a trained and skilful practitioner of MBTI, Dazzling knows what it’s like to bang your head against the wall when the going gets tough. She has thus made it her personal mission to share on all platforms possible in order to encourage as many people as possible to stay true to themselves and their calling. It all begins with breaking the code of YOU so that you have the key to unlock your true potential through personal mastery.

At the start of her entrepreneurial journey, she was inspired with a coaching model that has since fuelled her drive to forge the path she was designed for. “Discover your Purpose & Personality, fulfil your Dream & Destiny” is a comprehensive framework that hinges on the WHY which unfolds into the HOW. Discover your purpose and power coach yourself towards success.

Trail a blaze but before that take your baby step here.

Signature Programme #1: Career & Entrepreneurship Discovery Workshop

“Power Coach Yourself! The 4 Step Game Plan To Unleash The Best In You & Brand!
Experience with Dazzling Chong

Discover Your Dream Career Based On Your Unique Purpose & Personality Type

Signature Programme #2 Career Discovery & Personal Mastery Workshop

“Breaking The Code of You! Accessing Who You Are to Unlock Your True Potential
Experience with Dazzling Chong

Discover Your Behavioural Motivation Based On Your Personality Type & Unique Identity