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Dazzling Chong is an emcee-singer and beyond that, inspirational entertainer. What sets her apart from the crowd is how she infuses insightful wit through her unique personality. Her caring charisma puts you and your guests at ease, be it a corporate or wedding dinner event.

A certified MBTI practitioner, Dazzling understands what you need to fulfil your objectives for your event. When it comes to your D&D or regional awards ceremony/appreciation dinner, your staff or guests in their collective nature form a unique Team Type. Whether it’s a relatively restrained or unbridled crowd, Dazzling knows just how to create the right atmosphere as she engages them through her wholesome brand humour.

If you fancy a radical twist to the evening filled with even more joy and laughter, then it’s time to bring on Wonder Bae & Friends where a certain star spangled, spandex super parody heroine heats up the stage with her Wonderful Team mates, such as Bad Man and Supe Dupe. Depending on the theme of your event, the half – one hour comedy show comprises interactive games and skits that yes, your staff or guests can be part of. Also, not forgetting Hollywood or Bollywood song and dance routine.

Bring it on with That Dazzling Show!

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Dazzling’s inspirational entertainment services include:

  1. Hosting & Singing

  2. Standup/Interactive Comedy

  3. Customised Spoof/parody videos


Dazzling can host and sing for your:

Appreciation Dinner & Appreciation Ceremony

Dinner & Dance (D & D) Event

Wedding Celebration Event

Here is what her clients or guests have said about her service:

Praise #1

I first encountered Dazzling while working at an events agency. I was in the office and she had dropped in to meet my managing director for a chat. I was then in charge of consolidating talents for the agency’s database.

She left us a sample of her book “The Singapore Dating Guide Book for the Sg New Independent Princess” and I never had a chance to read it but I always remember since then that she’s sort of an emcee who writes books as well.

Fast forward to 1 year later when I moved to managing the events department in Singapore Swimming Club. I was in my  2nd month when we decided to hold a theme night, Aloha! At one of the club’s lounge outlets, Dazzling was at the top of my mind when it came to selecting my emcee for the night as I needed someone who could perform as well as emcee.

As it turns out, Dazzling was sporting, and had this ability to engage my otherwise subdued and shy members. They warmed to her and the games we planned all played out smoothly. I didn’t even have to do much work; just planned my program and she ran the show.

Many of my members were impressed and came to me with positive comments and were pleasantly surprised that she sings, and very well too! Her choice of songs was a hit with them too.

When it came to the annual Club’s award ceremony in August a month later, we knew Dazzling would once again wow the crowd though in a more formal setting as compared to Aloha Night. And she did!

Dazzling is professional, focused, always punctual, has such a great and warm personality and smile and always makes you feel like she has time to attend to your queries. Her rates are also reasonable and I love that she has dresses for all different kinds of occasions. She is all the entertainment you would require for your event.

Ms Dorinn Chin

Manager, Social & Lifestyle (Former)

Singapore Swimming Club

Praise #2

Dazzling was the emcee for our company’s dinner held at Goodwood Park Hotel. As it was a family oriented affair, we wanted someone who had a wholesome sense of humour and yet could entertain our staff and their guests for the evening. Dazzling was a good sport and proved to be spontaneous in letting her hair down to engage the crowd. The lucky draw also proceeded smoothly and was peppered with songs that she serenaded us with. We appreciate her efforts in making  the event a success along with the event organiser and committee.

Ms Tan ML (Events Committee)

Bayswater Shipping & Forwarding Pte Ltd

Praise #3

I first encountered Dazzling as the emcee for the 27th SEA Games MAP Award & Appreciation Lunch. The awards ceremony went smoothly with the respective gold medallists receiving their awards and Dazzling facilitated the ‘Lo Hei’ proficiently, being bilingual also in Mandarin. One of the highlights of the programme was the live music she presented with her talented guitarist, Daniel Purnomo. Her lovely singing and repertoire of jazz-evergreen numbers made the occasion even more memorable and a few of us lingered to enjoy the music even after the event had come to an end. I truly enjoyed her singing. Great performance, awesome! Thank you for entertaining us! Number one choice if you’re looking for a bilingual emcee and singer for your next event.

Mr. Yip Kwan Guan (Guest)

Singapore Canoe Federation, President