My Backstory and Journey

Born in a small, rural hospital near a rubber plantation, one freshly-minted baby was blissfully unaware of an uncertain future that lay ahead. At twelve years of age, a bomb was dropped on me. Born to an alcoholic and gambler mother, I was sentenced to a lifetime of “bad genes” or so I was told.


It was only in my mid twenties that I had an epiphany: I am not an accident. I am uniquely made for a reason and the myriad gifts were placed thoughtfully in me by a loving Creator with a great idea and grand plan. I am His idea and execution. Hence, my purpose was activated with a Coaching framework conceived in my heart: “Discover Your Purpose & Personality, Fulfil Your Dream & Destiny.”


 Even as a student back in school, I knew my career or j-o-b would be something that allowed me to make a difference to others. The various opportunities and platforms which materialised along the way in my respective jobs helped me to develop my gifts of inspirational communication and coaching. They served only to confirm one thing: My purpose was to inspire others towards their purpose.


As I grew in my personal understanding of who I am and WHY I am here, the ‘where’ and ‘how’ became easier. The discovery helped develop my blueprint for authentic success and now it is my full fledged mission to help other individuals and organisations in their own journey. And so today, I have crystalised my calling as a Purpose Activator and Inspirer.


It is my prayer and hope to add value to individuals or corporation through my amalgamation of gifts, experiences and insights in the next leg of my journey. I know you can too and I believe in you. Together, we shine!


What’s Your Back Story?


Everyone has a story to tell. Who we are today and what we do is a result of a confluence of events: The good, bad and ugly. Choice plays a big part in explaining where we find ourselves right now. But did you know you were chosen to be great and shine your light in this world we live? To inspire and make a difference. You life is that story and how you communicate your experience is your message. What’s your story?


Share with Dazzling – how would you like to make difference? Nothing detracts from the greatness of YOU. Regardless of where you are right now, one thing remains a constant truth – you were created for a Purpose. Gifted with incredible prowess, you were born for such a time as this. And my mission is to empower or rather help you uncover your amazing abilities to make a difference. It all begins with recognising your unique capacity and positioning yourself to share your uniqueness.


Take your first step and speak to Dazzling today!