Personal Mastery Development

Discover Your Behavioural Motivation Based On Your Personality Type & Unique Identity

Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do? Understanding who you are and what drives you are the the first steps towards deciding on the right career. In Dazzling Chong’s “Breaking The Code of You!” personal discovery and mastery workshop, participants will finally have the keys to unlock the mystery behind what motivates them and achieve personal mastery.

The one day transformational experience includes humour, inspiring stories, provocative questions, impactful insights, fun activities and practical tips.  Participants will learn to use their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI ® ) assessment results to choose the right career, develop their career goals and establish a process to reach these goals. As the MBTI instrument is designed to identify one’s particular strengths and unique gifts, it will help job seekers to align themselves with best fit, future careers they are preparing for.

However, MBTI results are not the only source of information used in the course to help participants make an informed decision. Dazzling will also help participants to understand who they truly are by engaging in a process of investigative inquiry on their background influences and experiences that have shaped their beliefs, values and perception thus far. In other words, to uncover their self-image and unique identity which are instrumental in molding one’s attitude as a precursor to career choice and success.

Understanding both their personality type and values will enable participants to find or create a special niche for themselves, take on tasks that are more consistent with their preferences and finally, find a particular work environment or department that is more like them.  Last but not least, job seekers will also be coached on the career exploration process and achieve success in finding the right fit regardless of their personality type.

Course Modules

  • Understand your Identity & redefine Self-Image for your job search

  • Identify Your MBTI Personality Type

  • Recognise & appreciate your Strengths & Giftings

  • Accept your Weaknesses & form Optimal Habits

  • Make powerful career choices based on WHO YOU ARE

  • Preempt & manage Stress Triggers

  • Search for & Attract the right Employer

  • Create the right niche according to your unique Preferences

The Mystery Of You And Your Career Search

Discovering Your Identity  (Who am  I?)

  • The Person you are Today: What defines YOU
  • Your Background, Experiences & Personality
  • The difference between who you really are & who you think you are
  • Redefine your Self-Image & uncover your best & true Self

Personality Type - The Answer Key To Your Search

Discovering Your Strengths & Giftings (What work to do?)

  • Introduction to MBTI as a Personality Profiling Tool
  • Determining your Psychological Type
  • Utilising strengths & taking charge of weaknesses
  • Understand how you are energised, gather info, decide & work/play
  • Assess your Skills & Interests for Best Job Fit
  • Formulating your unique (Brand) Identity

Work Life Integration - Shorter Hours, Greater Results

Discovering Your Work Style (How to do it?)

  • Identify your working style: Structured vs Spontaneous
  • Using your Style for meaningful & productive work
  • Communication, Collaboration, Change & Conflict
  • Career Trends for your Personality
  • The Value you bring to your job & organisation

The Mindset and Game Of Job Seeking

Discovering Your Career Exploration Style (Who, what, when, where & how)

  • Set Goals according to your Personality Type
  • Gather Information & Research on Jobs
  • Make Contact with the right people or network
  • Make optimal Career Decisions with clarity
  • Passion or Pay Cheque? You decide

Key Takeaways

By the end of the 4 modules, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Motivation behind their choices & behaviour

  • Discover their Personality for the Right Career

  • Harness their Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Chart their Job Search with greater clarity & system